First Presidential Debate: Will Trump Remain Front-Runner?

GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump has drawn the red line in the sand and we totally believe he means it.

On Thursday night, in prime time, Fox News kicks off the 2016 Presidential debate season at 9pm with the top 10 candidates, polled nationally, taking the stage to answer questions on why they want to be the next President of the United States.

GOP front-runner Donald Trump will be flanked by nine other candidates who scored the highest in an aggregate of polls: Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Mike Huckabee, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Chris Christie, and John Kasich.

“I hope we can keep it on a high level,” Trump told Breitbart News in an interview. “If that doesn’t happen, I’m willing to go to the other route.”

Trump is currently leading in the race for next year’s Republican Presidential nomination. His challengers are trying to figure out how — or whether — to go after the New York businessman for his lack of political experiences or his comments about Mexican migrants and Sen. John McCain, as he keeps gaining popularity amongst potential voters.

Trump debate

In his interview with Breitbart, Trump said that “Lindsey Graham and Perry were really hitting me hard, and they went down in the polls. I am greatly honored by that.”

Trump said he’s looking forward to his own debate.

“It will be very exciting,” Trump told Breitbart. “I’m looking to treat everybody with great respect which they deserve. I hope we can talk about the issues.”

I believe Trump will do just fine. He’s ahead in the polls, and it would take a major stumble for him to fall into 2nd place after the 1st debate.

Do you you think the other candidates will be respectful or will they go after Trump to knock him off his game? Share your thoughts below in the comment section below and share this story on your Twitter/Facebook timeline for discussion.

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