Ann Coulter Issues Dire Warning to Republicans: Listen To Voters OR ELSE

Conservative columnist, author of the anti-illegal immigration book Adios, America, and strong supporter of Donald Trump for president, Ann Coulter delivered a strong warning to Republicans during a Hannity segment on Fox News.  Coulter warns that if Republicans don’t start listening to their core voters, they will go the way of the Whigs and become the actual third party in politics.

In fact, she claims “It’s getting to the point that I think the people would like the Republican Party to become the third party.”

Many establishment Republicans have been fretting over the thought of a third party run by Trump, saying it would hand the presidency to Hillary Clinton much as Ross Perot did for her husband Bill in 1992.

Coulter, however, says it’s gotten to the point where conservatives have become so disillusioned by establishment Republicans , particularly on immigration, that they’d actually rather see another party.

“I see why Trump is dominating the polls,” she explained.  “We’ve heard this for 30 years from politicians. Americans keep telling pollsters ‘No, we want less immigration. No immigration, stop with the immigration. Do something about illegals.’ And they always talk about securing the border when they need our vote.”

“And then Rick Perry passes in-state tuition for illegals and says you don’t have a heart if you disagree,” she continued.  “Chris Christie, the same thing.  Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) runs against amnesty, and when he was running as a Tea Party candidate in Florida, he gets to Washington, spends three years pushing amnesty. Jeb Bush calling it act of love. Yeah, when they want our votes this is the way they talk. Trump looks like he really means it and he’d actually do something about it.”

Coulter would later explain that both parties are beholden to something other than the American people – Democrats to pandering for votes, and Republicans to campaign donors.

“It’s getting to the point that I think the people would like the Republican Party to become the third party,” she continued.

“They are lying to us.”

Watch the fiery segment below …

Comment: Do you agree with Ann Coulter that voters are so distrusting of the Republicans, that they’d rather see someone run third party?  Or would Trump hand Democrats the election by doing so?

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