Robert De Niro Films PSA For Prosecutors Claiming Trump Can Be Indicted on ‘Multiple Felony Counts’

Hollywood actor Robert De Niro filmed a PSA with multiple former federal prosecutors which claims there is “enough evidence to indict President Trump for multiple felony counts of obstruction of justice.”

That’s right, the Attorney General of the United States with the backing of the Department of Justice as well as Special Counsel Robert Mueller couldn’t come to that conclusion, prove it, or realized it would be unconstitutional to even attempt it, but a washed up actor and his merry band of former lawyers figured it out.

De Niro notes that while he plays Mueller in his role on Saturday Night Live, that is just comedy acting but what he is about to inform the audience is super-serious.

They Have An Agenda

He begins by noting that hundreds of these former prosecutors, a bipartisan group, have already signed their names to a pledge stating that the President would be facing criminal charges.

“Recently, over 1,000 former federal prosecutors, who served under both Republican and Democratic presidents have united to sign a statement to help Americans understand what’s actually in the Mueller report,” De Niro stated.

Odd that they couldn’t find one current federal prosecutor to add their name to the list. Many in this PSA are assistants to United States Attorney’s, and many of those were forced to resign when the Trump administration came into the White House. Quite frankly, it’s surprising they couldn’t find more than they did.

“Their conclusion should trouble us all,” De Niro claimed, before former assistant U.S. Attorney Jennifer Rodgers states: “We all strongly believe that there is more than enough evidence to indict President Trump for multiple felony counts of obstruction of justice.”

Trump Hater

It’s hard to put into words just how much a man the President has mocked as “punchy” has fallen from respectable actor to unhinged victim of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

But we’ll try:

  • Before the 2016 election, De Niro made his distaste for Trump rather obvious, calling him all manner of names and then declaring he’d like to “punch him in the face.”
  • After the election, he compared Trump’s victory to the terrorist attacks on 9/11 that killed over 3,000 Americans.
  • In an interview with Deadline, De Niro claimed Trump is “a flat-out, blatant racist” who is “going to sink himself.”
  • At an awards gala, the actor went off on a wild tangent that included references to Trump as the “j***off in chief,” a “f***ing fool,” and a “f***ing idiot.*
  • He ripped the President for being rich” and “spoiled,” despite himself being rich and spoiled.
  • De Niro engaged in his now famous “f*** Trump” at the Tony Awards. Then did it again.
  • Claimed it is his First Amendment right to “do something about” the “scumbag” President and his supporters.

So we have bitter former attorneys banding together with a bitter, washed-up Focker in De Niro to explain to the American people the legal nuances of the Mueller report.

“I watched him last night and truly believe he may be ‘punch-drunk,'” the President said last June.

It would appear nothing has changed.

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