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Tucker Carlson Obama
May 4, 2021
Fox News host Tucker Carlson blasted former President Barack Obama as a "creepy old man" after he released a PSA.
March 30, 2021
The GOP Senator Thom Tillis has just revealed that he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Republicans are praying for…
Lady Gaga
October 31, 2020
The pop star Lady Gaga urged her fans to vote "if you want the country to be different than it…
October 8, 2020
Hollywood stars just stripped naked for a truly bizarre PSA about election ballots. The participants included Sarah Silverman.
June 12, 2020
Comedian Ricky Gervais openly mocked celebrities after a group of them released an anti-racism PSA that makes current issues in…
May 31, 2019
Hollywood actor Robert De Niro filmed a PSA with multiple former federal prosecutors which claims there is “enough evidence to…