Tucker Carlson Blasts Barack Obama As A ‘Creepy Old Man’

Tucker Carlson Obama

Fox News host Tucker Carlson used his show on Monday night to blast Barack Obama, going so far as to call the former president a “creepy old man.”

Carlson said this in response for a new PSA Obama did for NBC News in which he called on Americans to get the COVID-19 vaccination.

“NBC is now running, and you may have seen these, PSAs (public service announcements) with its on-air talent demanding that everyone in the country get the shot. Barack Obama just released this creepy little video telling small children to get the shot,” Carlson said.

Obama’s PSA 

He then played a clip from the PSA, which originally aired last week.

“Hi everybody it’s Barack. Now that every American over the age of 16 is eligible to get the vaccine I want to talk about you getting yours,” Obama said, according to Newsweek. “The vaccine is safe, it’s effective, it’s free. I got one, Michelle got one, people you know got one. And now you can get one too.”

“It’s the only way we’re going to get back to all the things we love, from spending time with grandparents, to going to concerts, to watching live sports,” he continued. “So get the vaccine as soon as you can.”

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Carlson Fires Back

Carlson fired back by shaking his head in disgust as he said that Obama is “NBC on-air talent.”

Not stopping there, the Fox News host described the PSA as “some creepy old guy telling your children, your little kids to take medicine whose effects we do not fully understand. That’s totally normal, yeah, that happens every day. Don’t ask questions, just do it.”

Carlson then played a CNN clip in which medical analysts explained how increased vaccination rates correlate with reduced community infection rates.

“As CNN recently explained we’re not getting our freedom back until you [vaccinate your children],” Carlson stated.

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Carlson has long been one of the few members of the media to even call into question anything about the coronavirus vaccines. Backlash is already growing against him for using Obama, who is basically considered a saint in the eyes of the left, to try and prove his point last night.

This piece was written by James Samson on May 4, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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