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Robert De Niro Biden
December 21, 2023
Robert De Niro is attacking Donald Trump once again, saying that he would vote for Joe Biden even if he was “on a gurney.”
Trump De Niro
December 4, 2023
The former President Donald Trump eviscerated the “unwatchable, total loser” Hollywood star Robert De Niro on Sunday night.
De Niro Trump
October 13, 2023
Robert De Niro is ranting against Donald Trump once again, this time calling him “evil” and saying his supporters oppose democracy.
robert de niro bailout
February 16, 2021
Actor Robert De Niro took coronavirus money from the government to pay for expenses at his multiple restaurants around the world.
Fauci Cuomo
December 8, 2020
Governor Cuomo is being roasted on social media after saying that he and Dr. fauci are a “modern-day De Niro and Pacino.”
De Niro Trump
November 23, 2020
Robert De Niro has spoken out to warn supporters of Donald Trump that they “should be afraid of what’s gonna happen” when he leaves office.
De Niro
November 21, 2020
Robert De Niro told “The View” that it’s “nuts” that Rudy Giuliani once prosecuted the mob and now represents Trump’s “mob family.”
November 10, 2020
Hollywood star Robert De Niro shamed millions for voting for President Donald Trump, saying “I’m not political, but I was so angry.”
De Niro Trump
September 26, 2020
Hollywood star Robert De Niro lost it this week, saying that if President Donald Trump wins reelection, “we’re into fascism, period.”
De Niro Trump
June 12, 2020
Hollywood star Robert De Niro outrageously said that he is “looking forward” to President Donald Trump being sent to prison.
Alyssa Milano Trump
May 15, 2020
Actress and activist Alyssa Milano outrageously claimed that President Donald Trump is trying to purposely get people killed by COVID-19.
De Niro Trump
May 14, 2020
Robert De Niro unleashed another tirade against President Trump saying lives were lots because this is all “about him getting re-elected”.