It may have taken a couple of days – he was, after all, busy securing peace on the Korean peninsula – but President Trump has finally responded to Robert De Niro’s rant during the Tony Awards in which he bellowed, “f*** Trump” to an adoring audience. (RELATED: Robert De Niro Launches Profane Attack on President Trump at Tony Awards).

And my oh my, it was worth the wait.

Where to begin…

Trump compared De Niro to Maxine Waters, mocked his intelligence, pointed out the successes he’s had much to Hollywood’s chagrin, and even gave him a new nickname – ‘Punchy.’

He did it all in a simple two-word tweet that absolutely obliterated the formerly great actor.

“Robert De Niro, a very Low IQ individual, has received too many shots to the head by real boxers in movies,” Trump began. “I watched him last night and truly believe he may be “punch-drunk.”

“I guess he doesn’t realize the economy is the best it’s ever been with employment being at an all-time high, and many companies pouring back into our country.”

“Wake up Punchy!” he concluded.

In doing so, President Trump lumped De Niro into the group ‘low IQ individuals,’ a distinction previously held by Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters. (RELATED: Maxine Waters Responds to President Trump’s Accusation That She’s ‘A Low IQ Individual’).

“You ever see her? — ‘We will impeach him, we will impeach him,'” Trump railed, mocking Waters at a March rally. “She’s a low I.Q. individual — you can’t help it, she really is.”

Now De Niro is intellectually on par with Maxine Waters, truly hilarious!

De Niro stood up in front of a bunch of like-minded clowns at the Tony Awards earlier this week and got censored for his rant against the President.

“I’m going to say one thing, f*** Trump,” De Niro said fists held high in the air. “It’s no longer down with Trump. It’s f*** Trump.”

It was a desperate plea for attention from a Hollywood Hillary fan who hasn’t had a hit movie in years.

Now he’s got the President’s attention. How do you think that’s going to work out for him?

Who won this fight? De Niro or Trump? Share your thoughts with us below!