Republican MAJORITY Loses Another Iran-Related Vote in the Senate


Republicans promised, promised and promised to do a lot of things if they won both houses. Guess what, Obama has gotten more stuff done since Republicans took over. It’s like they don’t know what do do with power. They are so used to saying no and blocking votes. Now that they have power, they are still acting like the minority in the house.

For the second time in two weeks, Senate Democrats blocked a Republican push for a final vote on the Iran nuclear deal, which was negotiated by President Barack Obama and is uniformly opposed by congressional Republicans. The procedural vote, which needed support from 60 senators to pass, fell four votes shy: 56-42. Did we think that they could govern? They are being schooled by the minority Democrats. Hey, Conservatives, you might as well just give it back to the Democrats so you guys can do what you do best; SAY NO!!!

The former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid makes the current Senate McConnell look like the spineless waste of skin He truly is.

Then people wonder why Trump is doing so well.

The deal will stand because the majority of the parties are in agreement. Internationally, no one cares much about what the U.S. thinks anymore unless they can suck up our money. Russia will build 14 nuclear power plants in Iran, 11 in India and 1 in the newly liberated Egypt. The Chinese are all over Africa and are competing with the Russians for infrastructure-type deals in South America that will be good for their business interests. We will build useless military bases all over the world, on credit no less.

Eisenhower warned us about the military-industrial complex.

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H/T: Press Herald

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