Trump Is Posing a Threat to the Establishment So They’re Doing THIS!

Trump 9.15

The Washington Free Beacon just released a video highlighting the similarities between President Obama and Donald Trump. The short video shows both of their opinions on single payer healthcare, abortion, Iraq, taxes, and our military.

Here’s an excerpt:


OBAMA: America is not the world’s policeman.

TRUMP: We’re going to have to stop being the policeman of the world.


OBAMA: You’ve got to pay your fair share. You’ve got to pony up some.

TRUMP: Some people, they’re not doing their fair share. The hedge fund guys have to pay up.

People who don’t support Donald Trump’s candidacy often point to his previous support of Democrats and their policies. His recent conversion to some conservative principles cause some people to not feel he is solid on these issues.

As Trump’s support continues to grow, we can expect more comparisons and videos challenging his authenticity. If the real estate mogul has a strong second debate, it is anticipated these attacks will come at a furious rate.

Do these comparisons affect your support of Trump? Please comment below.

H/T: The Washington Free Beacon

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