This Is How to Deal with Syrian Refugees


The weight of the Syrian migrant crisis, flooding Europe in recent weeks, has been testing its humanitarian limits.

With more than one million refugees believed to be headed for Germany’s borders, its leaders are cracking down with strict new border controls that some see as hearkening back to a more, well, authoritarian time.

Exactly what goes on the mind of liberals that just throw their borders open to illegal immigrants and bring over Syrian Refugees thinking Americans won’t say anything or get angry?

Do they hate their own country so much they want to fundamentally change it forever knowing it will not be better than it was and they are probably importing death and destruction for generations to come.

They must not only hate their own country but their own children as well. For the life of me I just cannot come to terms with this thinking.

Liberals are the most destructive force on this planet, far worse than any terrorist.

Seventy five percent of the so-called refugees are males! What’s the matter with the Syrian men? They didn’t want to fight for the freedom of their country?

I have no issues with what Germany has decided to do because extreme times need extreme measures.

AFP reports:

“Can I see your passports, please?” a federal police officer asked, halting the men in their tracks at Freilassing, a key land crossing for travelers between the Salzburg region and the southern German region of Bavaria.

The trio were told to remain on the side of the road to await the police’s decision on their fate.

“We have been walking through Europe for 22 days… We thought that Germany was the only country that would treat us like human beings,” the asylum seeker said.

Unbeknownst to them, they had arrived in German territory just as Berlin announced it was reintroducing border controls after admitting the country could no longer cope with a record inflow of refugees.


Hungary has been caught between the proverbial rock-and-a-hard-place. With so many desperate migrants hitting its cities and attempting to catch trains for Western Europe, it has been forced to use a police state to control it.

To have a heart or not? Either way, the wave of refugees has been simply overwhelming for the Eastern European nation.

Now, a similar reaction is taking hold in Germany.

Most Americans don’t want Syrian refugees here. But if they do, then a strong system should be in place not only for them but, let’s go nuts, also for those that are coming from our southern border. Tell me what you think below in our comment section. 

H/T – AFP reports

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