Late on Friday, Reince Priebus was let go as White House Chief of Staff. President Trump made the official announcement on Twitter. Replacing Priebus will be current Homeland Secretary and retired Marine General John Kelly.

Priebus’ time in the White House was rocked by illegal leaks and instability. The media clearly had it out for Trump and his team and would often use Priebus as a punching bag. Unfounded rumors circulated that Trump never fully trusted Priebus and thought him weak and ineffective. Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci’s strongly-worded statements added to this. But when the former Chief of Staff went on Hannity to talk about his time in the White House, liberals were upset to hear what Reince Priebus has to say about his time serving our Commander-in-Chief.

Via Fox.

“I’m going to be on Team Trump all the time,” Priebus said in an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity. “I’ll always be out there trying to help the president, advance his goals, support him, as a friend too, and that’s the other part of the job that people don’t realize, you actually become friends. When you go through thick and thin together you get to know people really well, and he’s a good man and I was honored to be able to serve him.”

Sorry liberals, despite having probably deep-state ties and maybe being the White House leaker, Reince Priebus isn’t gonna betray the President of the United States. I have to admire that.

Priebus could have easily gone on there and said the President was a buffoon and a liar, and the media would lap it up and call him a hero. He had every incentive to bash the President. Instead, he was truthful and honest about President Trump’s work to Make America Great Again.

Thank you for your time, Mr. Priebus. Enjoy a beer and some time off, you deserve it.

How do you think John Kelly will do as Chief of Staff? Will the leaks finally stop? Share your thoughts in the comments below.