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Contractor Arrested For Releasing Sensitive NSA Documents To Online Publication

President Trump has demanded that more be done to find and prosecute those who are leaking sensitive government information to the media. More than any administration in recent memory,  leakers sent thousands of sensitive and Highly Classified documents to the press. This has been done to destabilize the Trump Administration. Most of these leaks are likely coming from Obama holdovers in the Administration, but we can’t say for sure since no one has been prosecuted for leaking.

Well now, that has changed. The DOJ announced that they’ve finally FOUND one of the leakers. This person sent highly sensitive and Top Secret information to the publication The Intercept.

The leaker’s name is 25 year old government contractor named Reality Winner. Yes. That is her real name.

Authorities caught Winner after authorities found that she printed off and sent the top-secret documents from her work computer. The documents in question detailed alleged Russian efforts to hack into voter registration databases during the 2016 Presidential election.  Democrats and “The Resistance” will point to this as “proof” that the Russians “hacked our elections.”

But according to the NSA and the reporting in this story, the Russians (or whoever it was) were not successful. Only a few states use the system and experts can’t point to any evidence that the “hacks” were successful.

Even more embarrassing for Winner, her and the Intercept’s incompetence got her busted:

Regardless, Winner thought this would surely embarrass the Trump administration and Russia. Instead, we got a nothing burger that showed just how desperate the Resistance is.  Face it; President Trump won this election fair and square. Reality Winner Loser and her leftist cohorts should wake up and move on!

I’m glad that the Department of Justice is prosecuting someone for these leaks. Hopefully, this is the first of many charges to come.

Should Winner go to jail? Share your thoughts on this story in the comments below.