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The Perfect Description of How Conservatives and Liberals Deal With Childhood Obesity

America has an obesity problem, especially among children. Rates of obesity have nearly tripled over the last 40 years.

Just take a look at the numbers:

childhood obesity

There are a lot of factors that could possibly be blamed, but the real question is, who should be responsible for solving these problems?

Childhood obesity

Unfortunately, we already have the government trying to “solve” the problem. We criminalize children bringing their own food to school and Michelle Obama made it her pet project to force disgusting lunches on children.

These are not the solutions. The solutions are welfare reform and a return to family values. Children need to be taught that their bodies are their vessels through life and need to be treated with respect. A government bureaucrat or a school marm can’t do that, only a loving and caring parent can.

But instead, we have taken the raising of children out of the hands of parents. Instead, the government raises our children, even through college. The government has no incentive to create independent and strong people. They force children to learn how to pass pointless tests that are only used to justify more and more wasteful government spending towards schooling. Which is all just a way to fill schools with more “administrators” and people who actually have no interaction with children.

childhood obesity

And what if life doesn’t go your way? Don’t worry, you have a unionized teacher telling your kids that the “system” is holding them down and that they can blame all of their problems on a lack of socialism. This is ridiculous.

And don’t even get me started on the joke that is Common Core.

Image result for common core math problem

We can’t trust the government to feed and raise our children. Education and growth starts and ends at home. Schools should only be for helping kids become productive and respective citizens. It should teach them TO think not HOW or WHAT to think.

Only when we do that will we able to raise healthy children.

Do you agree? Share your thoughts.