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North Korea Makes Frightening Announcement About Nukes!


Another day, another North Korea threat.

They are trying and failing at scaring the rest of the world. No one takes them seriously when it comes to their missile capabilities.

But after this latest threat, perhaps we should keep a more watchful eye on the hermit-esque Communist state.

Via Bloomberg.

North Korea vowed to make rapid advancements on nuclear attack capabilities if South Korea and the U.S. continue with joint military drills, with the warning coming days before predictions that the nation may conduct its fifth nuclear test for the Worker’s Party Congress on May 6.
“Our capability to make nuclear attacks will make fast advancement every time enemies conduct war exercises,” the regime’s official news agency reported, citing an unidentified spokesman at its foreign ministry. North Korea called a joint military drill between South Korea and the U.S. “the worst military provocation.”
The statement came after North Korea’s failed attempts to fire missiles this week, and days before Kim Jong Un’s regime is scheduled to hold its first ruling party congress in decades. South Korean President Park Geun Hye said Pyongyang has completed preparations to conduct its fifth nuclear test and vowed to seek stronger sanctions against North Korea if it conducts the test.

So what does this mean? Does North Korea have what it takes to develop a truly dangerous nuclear weapons program? Should the US and South Korea back off?

Or is this just more talk?

Is North Korea a serious threat? Share your thoughts