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North Korea Makes Massive Announcement About Nuclear Program


Following a week of meetings and celebrations of the leading “party” in North Korea, dictator, basketball fan, and hair trendsetter Kim Jong-Un addressed his people in a long, rambling speech. He touched on the state of the nation, as well as the hermit-state’s nuclear plans:
Via BBC:

The leader of North Korea has said the country will not use nuclear weapons unless its sovereignty is threatened, state media report.
North Korea first tested nuclear weapons in 2006, after withdrawing from an international treaty.
It has made repeated threats of nuclear strikes against South Korea and the US.
But Kim Jong-un reportedly told the Workers’ Party Congress in Pyongyang that he is willing to normalise ties with previously hostile countries.

Can this be believed? I don’t think so.

North Korea is the definition of a “rogue state”.

They are desperately in need of attention, food, and supplies. And due to pride and a flawed “self-sufficiency” philosophy, they have to threaten the world and their neighbors in order extract aid.

I highly doubt North Korea will ever start a war, much-less launch a nuclear weapon. They know they can’t survive a conflict, but they will probably continue to threaten and talk their way into controversy.

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