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Nancy Pelosi Still Thinks Bush Is President

I almost feel sorry for Nancy Pelosi. She’s been the congressional leader of the Democrats for over a decade, and has nothing but bailouts, Obamacare, and massive debt to show for it. Under her leadership the Democrat Party has been decimated on the federal and state level. It’s now a party primarily for coastal and urban elites… a far cry from when the party once proudly represented the Midwest and America’s working class.

She’s also getting up there in years. So you can forgive her for this little slip-up. She’s so upset about the Democrats constantly losing that she forgot who the President was.

Watch below:

A Bush hasn’t been President in over eight years. Nancy’s Liberal Derangement Syndrome has her brain so addled, she seems to think it’s 2004. Or even worse, since she didn’t specify WHICH President Bush…she may think it’s 1991!

And it wasn’t just a slip of the tongue either. She says it with full confidence and then continues with her rant against Trump Bush.

You can even see the people behind her exchange concerned looks about Mrs. Pelosi’s memory lapse.

Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi

It’s funny that the Dems are led by a person who seems to be losing her mental grasp on the world. It’s a metaphor for their entire policy platform, and even more ironic is that they are the ones pushing the bogus theories that President Trump is “mentally ill” and therefore unfit to hold office.

We already know liberalism is a disease of the mind, and Nancy Pelosi seems to be in the late stages of it.

Poor woman, she’s been in Washington so long and is desperately trying to hold onto her mind and her power.

Hopefully we can send Rep. Pelosi to a nice retirement home soon.

Is Nancy Pelosi unfit to hold office? Share your thoughts.