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Meme NAILS Hypocrisy Of Bernie Supporters Wanting “Corporations” Out Of Politics

bernie sanders taxes

A lot of people are “feeling the Bern” and endorsing Bernie Sanders as an alternative to the almost universally despised Hillary Clinton.

Among them are a lot of celebrities, including the founders of “Ben & Jerry’s” Ice Cream…Ben and Jerry!

Ben and Jerry have also made it their crusade to “take money out of politics”¬†as they worry that too many “corporations” are ruining our democracy.

But as this meme demonstrates, the ice cream moguls’ concern melts under scrutiny.

Bernie Sanders

Yea. They’re REALLY against corporations getting involved in politics…unless of course it is the politician and company that THEY like.

Unfortunately, fewer people are feeling the “Bern” and Hillary is seeming like a lock for the nomination.

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