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The ‘New Face’ of the Democrats: 78 Year-Old Maxine Waters

The Democrats are truly in disarray. They still haven’t recovered from their historic defeat at the hands of President Trump and the Republicans.

Because of that, they’ve gone full crazy, announcing that they’re going to “resist” everything Trump does… by using the same “obstructionist” tactics they accused the Republicans of using against Obama.

One of the biggest problems is that Democrats have no real leader now. Hillary is a loser, lost in the woods, and Obama is too busy going on permanent vacation to care about the party he destroyed.

But have no fear! The Democratic Resistance has found their hero!

And it is….

Maxine Waters!? (Seriously, do not click this link if you want to keep your sanity.)

Maxine Waters

Yes. The Democrats have decided that their new face is a 78-year-old Congresswoman who has been under continual ethics investigations for the last few years.

During the 2008 financial crisis, she helped steer millions of dollars to a bank her and her husband were heavily invested in. Not only that, but she’s also used government coffers hand millions over to close friends and family.

Waters is certifiable. She has been the loudest voice claiming that the Democrats are going to impeach Trump. When she’s not ranting about that, she’s mumbling about how Putin is “marching on Korea.”


I almost feel bad for the Dems. They’re so lost and in such denial that they’re turning to a woman that even Democrats thought was a joke until Trump got elected.

So Dems, please keep this up. Please keep putting up these nutballs as the real leaders of your party. Show the American people what kind of out-of-touch leftists you truly are. It will promise a permanent Republican majority for generations.

Is Maxine Waters the new leader of the Dems? Share your thoughts.