Marco Rubio Was Asked About Common Core – His Answer is AWESOME!

Common Core

Few things upset parents more about their children’s educational experience than Common Core. It can be a struggle just to help your child with homework. And if parents are unable to assist their children with homework, imagine how defeated the students feel.

At a town hall in New Hampshire, Marco Rubio was asked about Common Core. He made sure his opinion was crystal clear on the topic: as President, he would kill it at the federal level on his first day in office.

The Florida Senator also took it a step further, challenging why we even need a U.S. Department of Education to dictate to parents and states what is best for children throughout the country. Rubio wants to empower educators and parents at the local level. This will allow parents to quickly become engaged with decision makers to discuss issues, rather than traverse through the jungle of bureaucratic red tape at the federal level.

“On my first day in office, I will sign an order ordering every and all U.S. federal agencies that are involved in the implementation of Common Core to cease and desist from all work in implementing it.

I support curriculum reform and we did it in Florida when I was the Speaker of the House. We improved our curriculum at the state level. And let me tell you why that’s important. Because if you have a problem with the school curriculum, you can go see your school board member, you can go see the principal, you can go see your legislator. Try going to the Department of Education at the federal level. You won’t find a person to talk to about it.

We don’t need a national school board. In fact, I don’t think we even need a Department of Education at the federal level.”

As the father of four children, Rubio understands the struggles families face regarding common core. He believes having educational decisions at the local and state level will help alleviate many of these concerns as parents will have easier access to the decision makers. Those decision makers will be directly responsible to the parents.

Any local legislator ignoring parents would face repercussions at the ballot box. Currently, the decision-makers at the U.S. Department 0f Education are protected by layers upon layers of bureaucracy with no accountability to the parents and children their decisions and demands affect.

What do you think about Marco Rubio’s stance on Common Core? Is this something you support? Please comment below.

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