THIS is How Radical the Democrat Party Has Become – No Veterans Allowed?

Jim Webb

Jim Webb stood out at the first Democrat presidential debate. He was the only candidate who didn’t name a fellow American when asked who his enemies were. (Hillary said the NRA, Bernie Sanders said Wall Street.) Instead, Webb stated that his biggest enemy was a Vietnamese soldier who threw a grenade at him during the Vietnam War. Webb killed the man.

Webb’s pro-military attitude has been totally rejected by Democrats. Stuck in a party with leaders that are more inclined to bow and appease our enemies than to defeat them, Webb’s dismal poll numbers led him to announce he is ending his White House bid.

The former Virginia senator took it as a compliment that many Americans didn’t believe he fit in the Democratic party due to his stances on national defense. He called out for a need for more independent voices in the political process.

“More people in this country call themselves political independents than Republicans or Democrats. I happen to agree with them.”

Which Democrat do you believe will benefit from Jim Webb’s departure? Please comment below.

H/T: Truth Revolt

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