LOL: Schiff Says Democrats Proved Their Case Against Trump

Rep. Adam Schiff, the lead House impeachment manager, claims Democrats could not have done anything differently to convince U.S. Senators to remove President Trump.

America has a burning question for Schiff, “If you proved the case against President Trump, then why did you need to call witnesses during the Senate trial? What would they have added to the superb case you had already constructed?”

Which is it, Adam? You claim you proved your case in the Senate trial, yet you clamored for more witnesses to be called which indicates you didn’t do a complete job of convincing in the House trial that you needed to have a “do-over” in the Senate. No wonder they call you “Shifty Schiff.”

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The Democrats as a whole didn’t prove anything. They claimed unfairness, but the fact is they had 17 witnesses and 72 days to provide documents, and instead, they had closed-door sessions without the president’s council. They were fully aware that by withholding the Articles of Impeachment that their subpoenas were null and void, which is why they attempted to intimidate Republican senators into caving in to their demands.

They failed to produce their overwhelming amount of evidence that they claimed to have to the American people; they tried to misuse the Constitution.

Section 2.1 of the Constitution clearly says that the president of the United States has the right to investigate foreign corruption; it does not matter if it’s the Bidens or anybody else. Oh, the Democrats want to undermine and challenge the authority of the office of president in every way. Secondly, the president of the United States has the sole discretion to fire any ambassador anytime he wants does not need a reason.

When it comes to facts, the Democrats concocted and misused the truth.

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The audacity of the Democratic Party to scream about a fair trial when they deny the president of the United States his due process rights. Not only that, but in the United States court of law, you have the right to face your accuser, AKA the whistleblower. If you decide to bring accusations against a person don’t expect to hide behind a whistleblower status. Most of Schiff’s witnesses we knew were not credible and had honesty issues.

Do you remember before he was appointed as a Member of the Benghazi Select Committee, Schiff called the establishment of a select committee to investigate the 2012 attack a “colossal waste of time,” and said Democratic leaders should not appoint any members, stating: “I think it’s just a tremendous red herring and a waste of taxpayer resources.”

The only case they proved was the case that they’d spent three years trying to remove Trump from office and have failed. They will keep trying, but smart people will move on.

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Oh yeah, Rep. Jerry Nadler didn’t agree with Schiff, which is why Jerry went to the microphone to give the closing statement while Schiff called his name four times. The dysfunctional Jerry Springer House counsel finally began throwing punches when they realized the others were cheating with each other’s sisters and brothers.

The bottom line here is that Schiff proved that the Democrats wanted to undo the election at all costs. They will now pay the price by giving the Republicans control of all branches of the government and the next two Supreme Court Justices.

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