Stephen King Wants Warren to “Open a Large Can of Whup-Ass on Trump”

Elizabeth Warren Stephen King

The novelist Stephen King said that he was backing Elizabeth Warren in the Democratic primaries, and wants to see her “open a large can of whup-ass” on President Trump.

“I’m Pulling for Elizabeth Warren”

“I’ll support and work for any Democrat who wins the nomination, but I’m pulling for Elizabeth Warren,” Stephen King tweeted. “I’d love to see her open a large can of whup-ass on Trump in the debates,” he added.

The leftist author has a history of attacking President Trump in a rather vile manner. King has described the President as a “vile, racist and incompetent bag of guts and waters,” a “horse’s ass,” and “as crooked as a broken nose and as dumb as a fencepost.”

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King also recently attacked Republican Senators Collins and Murkowski for voting the way they did in the vote regarding whether or not to call witnesses in President Trump’s impeachment trial, insinuating that the Russians were behind it all.

“Republican Murkowski, not up for re-election, voted against witnesses. Republican Collins, up for re-election, voted for witnesses. Both will vote to acquit,” he wrote. “It’s Moscow Mitch at his finest. Hey hey, ho ho, Susan Collins has got to go.”

Not a Surprise Endorsement

It should therefore come as no surprise that Stephen King has endorsed Warren. Like King, Warren also loves to hate and attack President Trump for just getting on with the job he was elected to do. Warren vowed that if she became President, she would immediately launch a special taskforce of the Department of Justice to investigate supposed corruption within the Trump administration, which she described as “the most corrupt administration in history!”

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However, I wonder how Mr King would truly fare under a Warren presidency. King actually came under fire recently by leftists himself, after he tweeted that quality was more important than diversity “in matters of art,” as “to do otherwise would be wrong.” These comments were absolutely unacceptable to them, and some described King as “backward and ignorant,” with others described his comments as “painful to read.”

As Warren loves to clamp down on your freedom of speech, I’m sure it wouldn’t be long before some of the non-binary members of her cabinet push for hate speech laws, which King may then fall foul of! In the words of Alanis Morissette, isn’t it ironic?

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