Stephen King Mistakes “MS-13” as a Firearm

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The Left’s display of ignorance on the issue of guns was on full display following yesterday’s school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Amy Siskind, president of the liberal “New Agenda,” was apparently under the impression that the “AR” in “AR-15” stands for “automatic rifle,” leading her to falsely report that the shooter was armed with an automatic weapon.

Automatic weapons have been heavily regulated since 1934 and are almost never used in crimes of any sort. While liberals may hop onto that fact as a successful case for gun control, it’s literally the only example they have, and not a good one. There were barely any automatic weapons in circulation in the first place in 1934, so it wasn’t some great task to curtail the supply. That can hardly be said today, with more than twice as many guns in circulation today as there were American people in 1934.

Next up was Stephen King, who, despite his command of the English language, hadn’t come across the abbreviation “MS-13” before. As a result, he was under the impression that the MS-13, an international Salvadorian crime syndicate, was the type of firearm used in Florida yesterday.

According to the Daily Wire,

On Wednesday, anti-Trump Republican commentator Rick Wilson made a remark on social media about the hyperviolent MS-13 street gang which elicited a moronic response from leftist author Stephen King, who apparently believes that MS-13 is a gun.

Rick Wilson tweeted: “You’re a hell of a lot more likely to be killed in FL by an opioid overdose than MS-13. But muh base.” Wilson was referring to arguments used by President Donald Trump on illegal immigration in which he frequently cites MS-13 and sanctuary cities.

While I can’t stand Wilson, his comment was not made in response to yesterday’s shooting, as it was made five hours prior.

A particularly stupid response to a particularly pointless Rick Wilson tweet.

Are we not supposed to care about victims of gang violence because more people die from opioids? By that logic we shouldn’t care about any cause of death, because cancer easily dwarfs all of them.

The illogic brings a particular headline from the satirical magazine “The Onion” to mind:

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