DNC Members Scheme to Stop Sanders at Convention

Some members of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) have started plotting how to stop Sen. Bernie Sanders from winning the Democratic nomination.

Superdelegates Will Stop Sanders Again

So-called “superdelegates,” who consist of top party officials, DNC members and members of Congress, were one of the barriers to Sanders winning the Democratic nomination in 2016. Superdelegates were allowed to pledge their support to whomever they chose, and given they were made up of the party machine, they mostly backed Clinton, giving her a massive edge in racking up the numbers needed to secure the nomination.

For the 2020 run, these superdelegates would not be allowed to participate in the first round of voting, giving the ordinary party members and voters more power to select their presidential candidate. This was a key concession won by Sanders supporters in reforming the system.

However, there seems now to be a plot to reverse these reforms.

“I do believe we should re-open the rules. I hear it from others as well,” said one DNC member in a text message, released to Politico by William Owen, a DNC member from Tennessee who is vehemently against reinstituting the policy. Politico reported that “about a half-dozen members have discussed the possibility” of undoing the rule change.

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If Sanders wins the Iowa caucuses and gains momentum, he could enter the national convention with the most delegates, but not the majority that he needs.

“If, on the second ballot, superdelegates were to throw their support to someone else, tipping the scales, many moderate Democrats fear the upheaval that would cause could weaken the eventual nominee,” David Siders writes. Therefore, allowing the superdelegates to cut Sanders off in round one would allow for a far more stable “coup.”

Only Sleepy Joe is Allowed to Win!

Tom Perez, the DNC chair, was forced to deny on Twitter that such a plot was occurring.

“We put in the work to ensure power was returned to the grassroots, we will be following the rules set forth by the DNC,” he wrote. “We will not bend on this, we will not change our rules.”

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I really don’t believe him. The DNC are controlled 100% by the establishment. Nobody who dares to question the orthodoxy of the party is allowed to come to the fore!

Only candidates like Sleepy Joe and Fauxcahontas, who can be controlled by the party and their donors are acceptable to them. I’m certain that the DNC “moderates” (read neoliberal warmongerers), will stop at nothing to ensure that Sanders doesn’t get anywhere near the nomination, because then their cushy positions in the party and in government would be stripped away from them.

I don’t want the Sanders socialist revolution in the United States, but it would be rather funny to see it happen in the DNC.

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