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Iran Issues MAJOR Threat To The U.S. Navy!


Iran is at it again. Ever since Obama signed the terrible nuclear deal with the Islamist state, they’ve been mouthing off and threatening the United States with acts of war.

First they kidnapped our sailors and now they’ve threatened us with this:

Via Israel National News:

The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) threatened to “drown” any US warships approaching Iran, a top general said Tuesday, according to state-controlled media.

“We have informed Americans that their presence in the Persian Gulf is an absolute evil,” Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi stated to state media. “Americans are aware that Iran would destroy their warships if they take a wrong measure in the region.”

He further threatened that the US would “lose control of everything” by drawing others into Middle-East affairs.

“There has never been normal conditions in the Persian Gulf and Americans can feel the presence of IRGC navy forces at any spot,” he added.  “Iran’s great power has forced US to consider creation of deterrent capabilities.”

How much will Iran get away with before we shut them up? They continue to taunt us and our Coward-in-Chief does nothing.

And to make matters worse, Iran is testing ballistic missiles. Why would they need those unless they planned to attack us and Israel?

We need a leader who will take the Iranian threat seriously! This situation can only get worse!

What should we do about Iran? Share your thoughts!