Ben Carson
Trump getting the nod from Ben Carson is surely a big development in the election, but while Carson says that he really believes in The Donald, the real reason he’s endorsing him is MUCH different!!

From CNN – keep in mind they’re shading the story to lessen their culpability:

Carson and Cruz’s relationship hit a rocky patch around the first GOP primary contest in Iowa. CNN reported that Carson planned to go home to Florida after the Iowa caucuses, rather than traveling to New Hampshire or South Carolina, where the next primaries were held. Carson’s aides emphasized — and CNN reported — that he was not suspending his campaign, but simply going home to take a breather and pick up some clothes.

But the Cruz campaign reacted to the news by incorrectly telling precinct captains while the caucuses were still taking place that the move signaled Carson may be dropping out of the race. Carson called on Cruz to take responsibility and fire whoever was responsible for the “blatant lying,” and Cruz subsequently apologized.

But one Carson insider suggested Thursday that there are still lingering hard feelings.

“He’s got a lot of animosity towards Ted Cruz over the Iowa thing,” the source said.

Now you would think that a man of God would be able to accept an apology and move on, but clearly Carson just couldn’t get over it.

Amazingly, he’s embracing a guy who said he was a terrible doctor, who questioned his Christian faith, an even compared him to a child molester!!!

Watch below:


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