Ex-Chicago Bears Linebacker Brian Urlacher Blasts NBA Players For Their Boycott

Brian Urlacher, a former linebacker for the Chicago Bears, just called out NBA players for boycotting their playoff games this past week.

Urlacher Blasts NBA Players

Urlacher took to Instagram on Thursday and shared a meme/post that compared football star Brett Favre playing on the day his dad died to the current situation.

“Brett Favre played the MNF game the day his dad died, threw 4 TDs in the first half, and was a legend for playing in the face of adversity,” the post shared on Urlacher’s Instagram story said. “NBA players boycott the playoffs because a dude reaching for his knife, wanted on a felony sexual assault warrant, was shot by police.”

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NBA Players Launch Boycott

This comes after NBA players recently launched a boycott over the police-involved shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin last Sunday. During a league-wide meeting Wednesday, the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers voted to end the season entirely, while other teams voted to play on, according to the Daily Caller. All three games on Wednesday were canceled after the Milwaukee Bucks and other teams decided to boycott over Blake’s shooting.

The NBA then claimed that the league hopes to restart the playoffs on Friday or Saturday.

“NBA playoff games for today will not be played as scheduled,” NBA Executive Vice President Mike Bass said in a statement on Thursday. “We are hopeful to resume games either Friday or Saturday. There is a video conference call meeting scheduled later this afternoon between a group of NBA players and team governors representing the 13 teams in Orlando…”

Urlacher Hit With Backlash

After Urlacher’s Instagram story went viral, the Bears attempted to distance themselves from him.

“The social media posts in no way reflect the values or opinions of the Chicago Bears organization,” the team said in a statement.

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Former Bears running back Matt Forte took to Twitter to blast Urlacher for his comments.

“The comment @BUrlacher54 posted is void of empathy, compassion, wisdom and coherence,” Forte said. “But full of pride and ignorance! I pray for those who have been blinded by their wealth, privilege and earthly fame that breeds arrogance in their hearts.

“And those who refuse to acknowledge racism and injustice but instead choose to place their energy into justifying it by quickly judging the victims life as if they themselves are more valuable because their sins are different or weren’t caught by man… but God sees all,” he added. “End Racism and injustice #byanymeansnecessary.”

This piece was written by PopZette Staff on August 29, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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  • They're boycott is fantastic and we don't have to do a thing. They're all worthless and ungrateful bottom feeders, at least most of them. Who really cares if they don't get paid? They should be paid like golfers. Only the best get paid big bucks...when they win. If they don't win they don't get paid...I love it!

  • I really don't care whether they play or not. I have never and will never watch them. My husband, before he died, would watch the Super Bowl, but that was all. I watched the commercials when they came on, but never watched the game. I, personally, think they are a bunch of ignorant, over paid athletes that think we care what they say.........

  • The NBA cancelled the games which I'm sure were set to be broadcast on multiple platforms. The "hopes" of rescheduling on at a later date would likely mean that the programs scheduled to be in those slots would have to be supplanted for the BLM pandering NBA games lest we forget that BLM is actually still out there.

  • B. Urlacher is one of the greatest players in football, now that being said he was right! Any team that receives a paycheck for playing a specific sport and then boycotts needs to have their pay cut for every game that is missed. Not to mention boycotting and making a statement of a terrorist organization is not what I want to see. If they do it on their own time great, but not during work hours. What a bunch of Bull poop.

  • When Matt Forte sends he wants to end racism, he really means he wants to end the police and white men in power.

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