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Obama NBA
July 29, 2021
Former Barack Obama has joined the NBA in a deal that aims to push "gender equality, social responsibility."
Trump Fires Back At LeBron James For Threatening Tweet
April 23, 2021
Donald Trump wasted no time calling out NBA star LeBron James for what he called 'divisive' rhetoric in a since-deleted…
Kennedy LeBron James
April 22, 2021
LeBron James got torched by GOP Senator Kennedy, saying "he can go from zero to screw everyone real fast."
‘Extremely Reckless’: National Fraternal Order Of Police Blasts LeBron James Over Tweet Targeting Columbus Officer
April 22, 2021
National Fraternal Order of Police condemned NBA superstar LeBron James for a social media post police officer shooting of Ma’Khia…
NBA ratings
April 19, 2021
The NBA appears to be suffering from a massive dip in TV ratings due to too much politics being included…
MSNBC’s Joy Reid Says NBA Star LeBron James Is ‘Today’s Muhammad Ali’
March 2, 2021
MSNBC host Joy Reid recently NBA tweeted LeBron James basketbll is “today’s equivalent of Muhammad Ali.”
Biden Cuban
February 11, 2021
Joe Biden "respects this kind of protest" after Mark Cuban stops playing national anthem before Mavericks games, Jen Psaki says.
NFL Burgess Owens
December 30, 2020
Football legend Burgess Owens defiantly said that if the NFL is essential, so are small businesses in the U.S.
Michelle Obama LeBron
October 14, 2020
Michelle Obama teamed up with NBA star LeBron James to launch a voter push in the weeks before the election.
blm nba
October 8, 2020
Adam Silver, the NBA commissioner, dropped a bombshell nugget that the NBA will remove the BLM symbolism in the 2021…
NBA Commissioner
October 8, 2020
NBA Commissioner Adam Silver believes the social justice messages happening during games will mostly end after the current season.