NBA Playoffs Resume After Missing ONE Game – How’s That For Activism?

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The National Basketball Association voted to resume their 2020 playoffs on Friday after boycotting one game this week, in the wake of the shooting of Jacob Blake, a Wisconsin man shot in the back seven times when resisting arrest from a law enforcement officer.

The Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers had decided to boycott the rest of the playoff games, but I guess the money is too much to leave on the table.

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This is truly amazing and possibly a product of the slum mentality of where a lot of the players came from. They are going to cancel the games, then the practices, and still think they can hold out their hands and scoop up the huge money that the owners payout when they show up for both.

I am sure that not all were raised in the ghetto on welfare, but when you are, and you can get paid for not working, then what do you expect from your slum raised workforce.

Perhaps the NBA, like the NFL, is just too full of players whose mothers had their hands out, which were filled with taxpayer dollars too quickly and too fast.

These NBA franchise owners will reap what they have sown by spoiling these overgrown spoiled losers (players) that whine about everything not being “fair” when they earn five times (or more) what their ticked buyers do.


The sports page used to be the place in our local newspaper to celebrate human accomplishment. Now, it’s just another section detailing human failure. We should all go out of our way to avoid caring what they think. If we get mad and condemn them, we will only spark interest in them from other quarters. If they make good points, laud them for it.

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If they speak gibberish, do your best to ignore them, turn the channel, and never watch them again. Disregard them entirely, and not only will you be much happier in life, but they might eventually go away.

Sports is not a place for politics, it is an escape, and these overpaid millionaires need to realize it or leave the game. Americans don’t pay their salaries to want to know what they think politically. I could care less.


I like that the NBA is canceling itself. I canceled it a long time ago. I also have canceled the NFL, so, go ahead, NFL, join me. Cancel yourself!

MBL is in the process of canceling itself so, go ahead, complete the job! Don’t be half-assed about it; cancel yourself!

Are college athletics next? Could be. Could be. The so-called education system has taught these people that their feelings matter more than their productivity. So, go ahead, cancel yourself! And watch your dreams disappear.

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Who knows? Some of these people might have to go out and get real jobs. Good luck with that, uneducated ignoramuses.


If the NBA owners had any spine, they would make the teams that “protested” forfeit their series’ and move on. The players are contracted to play, and the league is contracted to show their games on tv. The networks should not pay the league, and the league should not pay the players.

I would love to see all of them not get paid and hear the whining that comes from that. I’ve been done with professional sports for some time, and it looks like the worst of them all, the NBA, is committing suicide.

I’m not a smiley person, but I can’t help the huge grin on my face.


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