The Virginia Senate has passed a bill that would make assaulting police officers a misdemeanor with a possibility of zero jail time.

Dems Pass Bill By 21-15

Virginia Senate Bill 5032 was passed by 21 votes to 15, and eliminates the current felony requirement for anyone who assaults a police officer. According to the summary it eliminates:

The mandatory minimum term of confinement for an assault and battery committed against a judge; magistrate; law-enforcement officer; correctional officer; person directly involved in the care, treatment, or supervision of inmates; firefighter; or volunteer firefighter or any emergency medical services personnel and provides that such crime can no longer be committed as a simple assault and must result in a bodily injury.

The bill was first drafted at the start of July, and was clearly a priority for Governor Northam and the other Virginia Democrats.

President Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr, slammed the legislation on Twitter.

“This is what happens when Democrats take control of a state, so just imagine the type of anti-police/pro-criminal policies they’ll be enacting nationally if they ever win back the White House,” he wrote.

Virginia To Defund The Police?

However, it is not the only attack on law enforcement and police that the Democrats have on their cards in Virginia. House Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn said early June that their plan also included cutting funding for police departments.

“We must reimagine the role of policing in our commonwealth and recommend changes in the budget that divest resources from policing and reinvest those resources in public education, health, crisis intervention, and other services that are preventative rather than punitive in nature,” Filler-Corn told reporters.

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What Else Can We Expect From The Democrats?!

What else do you expect from Democrat-run Virginia? Ever since the state flipped from red to blue, the Democrats have been pushing crazy policy proposals that would only serve to harm ordinary Americans. In February, both houses passed bills that would allow illegal immigrants to obtain drivers’s licences, making the roads now a risk for citizens.

Thankfully, most of Northam’s anti-gun legislation failed to get through, but the Democrats are still pushing for dangerous red-flag laws that seek to take away the right to bear arms from anyone they don’t like. The Democrats have to be voted out before Virginia becomes a complete leftist hell-hole – the California of the east coast!

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