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Virginia Legislature Passes Bills Allowing Illegals to Obtain Driver’s Licences

Both chambers of Virginia’s legislature have passed bills that would allow illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licences in the state.

“This Could Compromise the Safety in the United States”

HB 1211 and SB 34 both passed in Virginia’s House and Senate on Tuesday, with Democrats pushing the bills through the General Assembly before the “crossover” deadline, in which the bills would not be able to be considered by the opposite chambers. SB 34 succeeded by 22-18 votes – the bill was introduced by state Senator Scott Surovell, and allows illegal immigrants in Virginia the ability to obtain driver’s licenses. It requires an income tax return to be filed, and the licence would not be a valid form of ID for some other official purposes, including receiving benefits or voting. However, HB 1211, introduced by Delegate Kathy Tran, another Democrat, passed by 57-42 and has no such restrictions attached.

Delegate Terry L. Austin, a Republican member of the lower chamber, said last week that Virginia needed to be “very careful” with the bills.

“This could misrepresent an individual’s identity and could compromise the safety in the United States,” Austin continued.

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Virginia Doesn’t Care About the Consequences of Handing Out Driver’s Licenses to Anyone

The measures were originally criticized by some illegal aliens, who claimed that the federal government would be able to track them down if their names and photos were in the system. It seems the Democrats listened, as both bills require a court order to have a name released when requested, and no photograph would be released to authorities unless they already had a name and/or sufficient evidence linking them to a crime. Even in this case, the photograph could still be declined to be released.

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Virginia seems to be following the example of New York and other states in this push to give driver’s licences to anyone and everyone. IIn December, New York’s “Green Light Law,” came into effect, which ended the requirement for a social security number to be provided before being issued a license, and stopped ICE from accessing public records related to their vehicle.

The media and vigilant citizens should absolutely keep an eye on the progression of this legislation. I wouldn’t put it past the Democrats to remove the restrictions from SB 34, and push for HB 1211 to take priority – this would open up elections to massive potential voter fraud. It doesn’t surprise me the Democrats are behind yet another series of bills designed to crush democracy under foot.