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Virginia Senate Passes Bill Allowing Transgender Individuals To Change Sex On Birth Certificate

The Virginia State Senate has passed a bill that would allow transgender individuals to alter their birth certificate to match the sex they “truly are.”

Virginia Is Going Woke

Virginia Senate Bill 657 allows transgender individuals to obtain a new birth certificate, showing a change in sex. And, if necessary, a change in name, too, if accompanied by a court order. There is no need for the individual in question to hand over “evidence or documentation of any medical procedure,” like genital surgery. But, there is a requirement that “the person requesting the new certificate of birth submit an affidavit provided by a health care provider from whom the person has received treatment stating that the person has undergone clinically appropriate treatment for the purpose of gender transition.”

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According to the office of state Senator Jennifer Boysko, who has tried to introduce the bill for the past three years, the “treatment” required could range from “counseling, hormone therapy, sex reassignment surgery, or a patient-specific approach” provided by a medical professional. “I just think it’s important to try to make life easier for people without being discriminated [against] or bullied,” Boysko said:

Allowing an individual who is transgender to change their birth certificate without having to go through the full surgery allows them to live the life that they are due to have. I believe that we have a more open and accepting General Assembly then we’ve had in the past, where people are more comfortable working with the LGBTQ community and have expressed more of an interest in addressing some of these long overdue changes.

The decision was applauded by Vee Lamneck, the executive director of Equality Virginia, an “LGTBTQ” advocacy group. Lamneck said that they were “really pleased that this bill is moving through,” as it is “really important for the transgender community. Right now many transgendered people do not have identity documents … this is really problematic when people apply for jobs or try to open a bank account.”

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Don’t Rewrite History!

This bill, if successful, would make Virginia the 23rd state to introduce such pro-transgender legislation. To me, this seems rather strange.

A birth certificate is a record of you when you were born, not how you are now.

There are already laws on the books that allow you to change your identification on your passport and drivers licences – is this not enough? Do we have to go back and rewrite history? Surely this opens problems with doctors – knowing the biological sex of their patient is crucial to treat them properly, and if their records are based on their birth certificates, this could cause genuine harm to transgendered individuals.