Virginia Governor Northam’s Gun Control Measure Fails

Do these people really believe outlaws won’t bring guns to these “no-gun zones” because government bans them?

Ralph Northam

By Steve Pomper | February 18, 2020

It couldn’t have happened to a worse guy. It seems Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s attempt at fanatical gun control in the commonwealth is disintegrating. Even a Democrat-controlled state legislature couldn’t assure the “black faced” Gov’s “assault weapons” and “high-capacity magazine” (whatever those are) bans.

According to a report in the Washington Examiner, four Democrats, described as moderates, joined their Republican colleagues on a Senate committee, voting 10-5 to shelve the bill.

The bill would have outlawed the sales of AR-15-style rifles and the simple possession of magazines with capacities larger than 12 rounds. Ostensibly, the law was going to facilitate a state crime commission study. Barf! Lucid people don’t need to study the issue. They already know that law-abiding gun owners are not the problem; law-breaking criminals are.

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Other Virginia gun control measures under consideration include restricting the number of weapons an individual can purchase per month, expanding firearms background checks, and allowing jurisdictions to ban guns at certain locations.

Do these people really believe outlaws won’t bring guns to these “no-gun zones” because government bans them? No, really…this is a genuine question. Can the anti-gun Left really believe that? If they do, they are deluded. If they don’t, they are corrupt. Maybe a bit of both? Not sure which is worse.

In reaction to the anti-gun rights onslaught, reported “86 of Virginia’s 95 counties are now 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries.” The Examiner also wrote “15 [Virginia] towns and cities” have also declared they are Second Amendment Sanctuaries.

This anti-constitutional gun control juggernaut is not about saving lives. If it were, the Left would enforce current gun laws against criminals. This is about the Left usurping political power from the people.

It’s easier to enforce laws against the law-abiding. But as the pro-Second Amendment demonstration in Richmond last month showed, even the law-abiding have their limits beyond which they won’t allow an oppressive government to push them.

There are some other issues here. One is those “moderate” Democrats who crossed party lines did it for a reason. They heard from their constituents. The anti-gun Left hates to confront that many mainstream, normal Democrats also own guns and still believe in their right to self-defense as protected by the Second Amendment.

Another issue is the Left’s reluctance to enforce existing gun laws. Suddenly, those laws are racist, if mostly minority criminals happen to commit crimes with firearms in high minority-populated locations (against mostly minority victims).

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So, where are existing gun laws aimed at criminals not enforced? In Leftist-run jurisdictions. And where are they calling for more and more “common sense” gun control laws aimed at law-abiding gun owners? In Leftist-run jurisdictions.

So, again, what’s the anti-gun/anti-self-defense Left’s real motivation? You tell me. It’s certainly not public safety.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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