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Liberal-leaning network is having some issues these days, as a new Adweek report reveals — Americans are tired of the blatant media bias

The liberal from the Big Apple somehow claimed that 'many people' will 'starve' due to the Trump administration's new rule on food stamps

2020 Democrat candidate and former vice president, Joe Biden, said he'll rethink attending a fossil fuel industry hosted fundraiser at climate town hall.

Here are 12 of the former vice president's awkward comments and less-than-perfect moments — no one is making this up

Such lovely sentiments here — and so worth remembering no matter how busy our days become

The vicious drive against Trump today is a raw power grab by the Left that could have long-lasting consequences

Rush Pelosi

Speaker objected on Thursday when a reporter asked her if she 'hates' President Donald Trump — and she went on a rant about being a prayerful Catholic

pelosi refuses wall funding

President wants the process over and done with — wants the federal government to be able to get back to work for the American people

Remains to be seen what the party's going to do about these awkward and awful scenes that continue to occur, week after week after week

Think the recent House hearings gave us too much drama to handle? Those would be nothing compared to what could happen next year

Today's culture wants to push God out of our holiday celebrations — but let's think of our Lord in fresh new ways that touch our hearts

Publication aimed at gays, lesbians and others calls out a 2020 Democratic primary candidate for his work with an organization they say is 'homophobic'

Kellyanne Conway Karlan

White House official on Thursday called out some of the commentary this week against the president — and also had words for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi