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The president proposes a $2 trillion infrastructure stimulus plan.

Trump Rob Reiner

The actor lost all control…again.

Baldwin Trump

Baldwin has long been one of the most anti-Trump people in Hollywood, which is ironic given the fact that the president almost single-handedly revitalized Baldwin's career.

Judd Apatow Trump

This is far from the first time that Apatow has called President Trump a murderer.

Pelosi Schumer

If there was a delayed response they are responsible for it.

AOC Pressley

Race-baiting is always on their minds, no matter what.

Gun ownership

Sheriff Gore’s initial instincts seem spot on.

Trump Cher

Cher is conveniently ignoring the fact that Trump was just restating claims made by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) that have been backed up by her beloved leftist media.

Crenshaw Hillary Clinton

She again proves why she would have made a horrible president.

Mark Cuban Trump

Cuban's comments about Trump are refreshing to say the least.

Donald Trump Barron

Barron, along with Trump's other children, are frequently attacked by Hollywood and Democrats.

Chuck Todd Biden

This is a despicable act, even for Todd.