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On his CNN show this week, Don Lemon tried to use an attack on Jesus Christ to make one of his ridiculous liberal points, but it didn’t take long for […]

Helmut Norpoth was also right, when most were wrong, in 2016.

Hollywood star Kirstie Alley took to Twitter this week to reveal what she sees as the “pretty sad” irony of the upcoming debates between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. “It’s […]

“I’m telling people don’t call 911” upon observing Ohioans not wearing masks.

Employees of the renowned automaker Ford Motor Company are demanding that the mega automobile manufacturer stop producing police cars as anti-cop sentiments in the United States continue to be at […]

AP story on the deaths of thousands of NY seniors? Nowhere on CNN.

Leftist masochism knows no bounds.

Redford may think that having a decades-long career on Hollywood makes him an expert on politics, but he’s dead wrong.

These clips raise even more questions about Biden’s cognitive capacity at a time when that is the last thing that he needs.

Trump John Roberts

It has just been revealed that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts was recently rushed to the hospital after collapsing at a country club in Maryland. Justice Roberts, 65, reportedly […]

McGowan has been a longtime defender of Reade, ever since she came forward with her claims earlier this year.

Comedian Chelsea Handler just launched into what can only be described as an unhinged attack on white people, saying that it’s “not enough” for them to say that they aren’t […]