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President dealt a blow to Planned Parenthood and other clinics with a new pro-life Title X rule on Friday

James Woods

James Woods, Adam Baldwin and others have been shedding light on the alleged crimes of the ‘Empire’ star

James Woods

Conservative and star of the ‘Videodrome’ and ‘Casino’ once again defended the president through Twitter

Rep. Joaquin Castro of Texas put forth the proposal with the aim of stopping the president on his border plans

Cory Booker Amazon

Democrat 2020 hopeful is courting the company for Newark that his colleague Ocasio-Cortez helped chase away from the Big Apple

roseanne jussie smollett

Police are alleging the ‘Empire’ actor faked a hate crime, but he has yet to be fired from his gig on the popular Fox show

One man has talked hundreds of people off a bridge — we can all do our part, too, to help others through our deep and abiding belief in God

Jussie Smollett arrested

Alan Dershowitz weighs in on the possible hate hoax that took Chicago and much of the nation by storm

Kevin Brady, Chuck Grassley

Lawmakers Chuck Grassley and Kevin Brady dispute comments from Democrat Kamala Harris that tax reform led to a hike for the middle class

academy awards

Anonymous member says he’s anticipating a ‘boring’ ceremony

trump jussie smollett

Comments from the ‘Empire’ actor look so much more ridiculous in the wake of his recent actions and run-ins with police

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

New York Democrat sounds awfully defensive in her tweets