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morning joe alexandria ocasio-cortez

Some Democrats simply defy belief — see the latest activity

LifeZette exclusive: Former executive at famed fast-food chicken restaurant shares key leadership insights for all workers

‘Concentration camp’ reference, and the controversy around it, aren’t going away soon

Texas Democrat wants to examine ‘the legacy of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade’ and ‘its continuing impact’

President will appear with the first lady and the vice president — while New York’s Ocasio-Cortez has issues

Socialist from Vermont, pushing the usual liberal talking points, threw the other Democrats under the bus in a Fox News appearance

Scores of everyday Americans are reacting to the news the Sunshine State will not become a safe haven for illegal immigrants

Kim Kardashian West

The reality TV star stood beside the president on Thursday

Sarah Sanders

Current press secretary will depart from her role at the end of this month, the president announced on Thursday

Former vice president, 76, is fighting for 2020 leadership among the Dems as Trump dishes on his rival — ‘looks like he’s failing,’ said the president

Sadie Robertson, 21, included a video of her unforgettable moment

Democrat from Michigan said her controversial plan is essentially ‘earned income tax credits on steroids’