Former Navy SEAL Eli Crane Running Hard In AZ-1

We need people like Crane in Congress.

Eli Crane

This analyst recently had a chance to talk to Eli Crane, an impressive Republican candidate for the Arizona 1st Congressional District. Our impression? This is exactly the kind of citizen legislator we need in Congress.

Crane Is An Incredible Person

Crane is a husband, dad, and believing Christian. He’s a brand ambassador for Sig Sauer and hails from Arizona. No carpetbagger he. He has an interesting story when it comes to his military service.

Like this analyst and my father, Crane quit college to join the military. He went to BUDS, SEAL school, and didn’t make it the first time out. He regrouped and was stationed aboard the USS Gettysburg for over two years. In 2004, matured now, he went back to BUDS and passed with Class 256.

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He was assigned to SEAL Team 3, Bravo platoon, in 2006. He served with courage and was then assigned to Delta platoon. This was the same platoon as “American Sniper” Chris Kyle. Crane was there 2006-2008.

He spent 2008-2010 in Fallujah, Iraq. Not exactly easy duty. He transferred to recruiting duty after that and went on to finish his Navy career with a maritime operations detachment for two years.

That service alone qualifies him for Congress. Like Derrick Van Orden, Joe Kent, and Dan Crenshaw, these men have earned their place in American leadership. If only most of our elected leaders shared their bravery and commitment to duty.

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Crane Is Also An Entrepreneur

Crane not only brings his military service to the table, he’s an entrepreneur too. He runs a vet-owned company called Bottle Breacher. It takes military equipment and refashions it into gifts for guys. Pretty cool.

He went on “Shark Tank” with the concept and got a big thumbs up from Mark Cuban. Bottle Breacher has done over $20 million in sales. That kind of perspective, that of an entrepreneur, is sorely lacking in Congress.

Why Is Crane Running For Congress? 

Why is Crane running for Congress? Like so many of us, he’s frustrated about the state of government. As such, he and his wife Jen are worried about the future of their two daughters. Crane thinks there are not enough men and women of conviction, character, and courage in Congress.

He can see the ongoing invasion of our southern border. In Arizona he must get an eyeful of it. Eli Crane understands the geopolitical and domestic consequences of the Biden Bugout from Afghanistan and wonders if the consequences include new attacks on US soil.

Election integrity means a great deal to him, as does stopping the radical left and their programs of mandatory masks and vaccines. As a SEAL and a businessman, his experience gives him the outlook that needs to be brought to bear on these issues.

Crane Is Exactly Who We Need In Congress

2022 is probably going to be a good year for Republicans. But it won’t come easy. Only by working hard to elect people like Eli Crane can we stop Joe Biden and the socialist Democrats. This analyst and this publication wish him godspeed and good hunting.

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This piece was written by David Kamioner on September 3, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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