Eric Holder Says Trump ‘In Danger of Being Worst President in History’

The man who served as attorney general under one of the worst president’s in American history believes Donald Trump is on track to be even worse.

During an interview with MSNBC’s Ari Melber, Eric Holder tackled the current President in an unflattering manner during a lightning round segment.

“We’ve just got to survive these next 22 months or so,” Holder said when asked for brief commentary on the President. “I think he is in danger of being the worst president in the history of the United States.”

His comments about Trump weren’t the only example of projection for an Obama administration official. He also attacked Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

“[McConnell] Has done a whole bunch of unpatriotic things, has really been a force for polarization in this nation,” Holder claimed. “History will not be kind to him.”

Every single word spoken above about Trump or McConnell can, for those of us with their feet planted firmly on the ground, be applied to Trump’s predecessor.

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Obama Easily One of the Worst

It may be Holder’s desire to rewrite the history books, but there’s a reason why a Quinnipiac poll in 2014 rated Obama as the worst President since World War II.

And why reports showed he was the worst President for the economy in over seven decades.

And why residents of his own state claimed he was the worst.

Barack Obama …

  • Weaponized the government against his political opponents (see the Russian collusion hoax).
  • Traded high-ranking terrorists for traitor Bowe Bergdahl.
  • Attacked the media, even naming a Fox News reporter as a possible co-conspirator in a criminal investigation simply to spy on them.
  • Attacked religious freedom relentlessly.
  • Granted amnesty to illegal immigrants through DACA via executive order.
  • Damaged race relations in this country exponentially.

That’s just to name a few.

Thomas Sowell declared that Obama “demonstrated, time and again, that he has no respect for the Constitution …” and that his “oath of office obviously [meant] no more to him than his oft-repeated promise that ‘you can keep your own doctor’ under Obamacare.”


As for Holder’s assertion that McConnell and the Republicans have ‘polarized’ the country, he may want to perform some introspection with the man he worked for.

While he focused singularly on race, Obama painted every person who opposed him as the actual racist. A compliant media helped push the narrative and eventually lead to a racial divide in this country specifically attributable to the former President.

A poll one month prior to the 2016 election showed a majority of Americans believed race relations had worsened under Obama. 54% said the divide had grown worse, while a very low 16% said it had gotten better.

By contrast, in May of 2009, mere months into Obama’s first term, 32% of all Americans believed race relations had improved, while only 6% said they had gotten worse.

That is a massive 64-point turnaround.

Who is polarizing? Who was one of the worst Presidents? We’re going to guess Obama has a stranglehold on that title for many years to come.

Rusty Weiss has been covering politics for over 15 years. His writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, Fox... More about Rusty Weiss

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