The Media Pushed Propaganda And Failed To Do Their Jobs On Russia, Says Lara Logan

Nick Givas on April 2, 2019

Former CBS News correspondent Lara Logan accused the media of pushing a false narrative on Russia during a Tuesday “Fox and Friends” segment and said they’ve become a propaganda arm of the left.

“This is just indicative of the propaganda, the organized propaganda that’s behind all of this. It seems to me that so many journalists don’t even know that they’re pushing a narrative that was pushed onto them and they did it. A lot of them, it happened so successfully because they didn’t bother to do their jobs. And they didn’t bother to do the most basic journalism,” Logan said.

Logan said the media has become an “organized propaganda” machine that pretends to practice actual journalism.

“What you’re seeing now with more propaganda being pushed and people not standing up and owning their mistakes,” she continued. “To me, that’s a sign that this really is an organized propaganda effort.”

“If you look at the strategic document for Media Matters for America … they pretend that they’re about good journalism but there’s no propaganda organization that’s looking for good journalism. They’re pushing their agenda. And in it, one of their main pillars of their strategy is to make sure that [President] Donald Trump is seen as the most unpopular president in history.”

Logan also said some members of the media have been deceived while other are openly rooting for political parties and partisan agendas.

“They’re being manipulated. They’re being deceived. Some of them are willing, some of them are political operatives themselves. What I think is a mistake to look at this as just human failing,” she said.

“Oh, it just happened because people were upset because [Trump] is so terrible. Well, that in itself is a propaganda talking point for the Progressive political movement and Media Matters for America. And You’ll see it. It’s not me making it up. It comes from them. And what I’m more concerned about is what is the level of organization and funding behind this? And the level of collusion between journalists and propaganda groups that these narratives have been so powerfully enforced?”

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