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angus king impeachment

Nick Givas on December 11, 2018 Independent Sen. Angus King of Maine warned Democrats against talk of impeachment and said any efforts to expel President Donald Trump will only fire up […]

womens march antisemitism

Joe Simonson on December 11, 2018 Leaders of the left-wing activist group Women’s March have ties to Nation of Islam and believe in a variety of conspiratorial anti-Semitic tropes, according to […]

electrical grid

Jason Hopkins on December 10, 2018 A new government report warns that the Untied States would be woefully unprepared in the event of a catastrophic power outage, regardless of what […]

clinton foundation

Richard Pollock on December 10, 2018 The Department of Justice is requesting that the justification of an FBI raid on a reportedly recognized whistleblower’s home remain secret, according to a letter […]

environmental activists arrested

Henry Rodgers on December 10, 2018 Several Dozen environmental protesters were arrested in the U.S. Capitol Monday afternoon, after refusing to obey multiple orders from law enforcement to stand down. The […]

sotomayer trump

Kevin Daley on December 10, 2018 Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor echoed Chief Justice John Roberts’ condemnation of President Donald Trump’s rhetoric on the judiciary in a recent public appearance. Sotomayor […]

kavanaugh planned parenthood

Kevin Daley on December 10, 2018 The Supreme Court declined to review three cases relating to Republican efforts to defund Planned Parenthood at the state level Monday, over a vigorous dissent […]

un climate activists

Jason Hopkins on December 10, 2018 Environmental activists took over a pro-fossil fuel event at the United Nations climate conference, storming onto the stage and chanting “keep it in the ground.” […]

jerry nadler

Kevin Daley on December 9, 2018 New evidence suggesting that President Donald Trump directed his onetime fixer Michael Cohen to break campaign finance laws could constitute an impeachable offense, Democratic Rep. […]

trump al capone

Nick Givas on December 9, 2018 Tennessee Democrat Rep. Steve Cohen said President Donald Trump and his family make gangsters Al Capone and Frank Nitti like “good guys.” “It’s a criminal […]

Neetu Chandak on December 7, 2018 A Nebraska elementary school principal was placed on administrative leave Thursday after banning various Christmas decorations like candy canes, reindeer and Christmas trees over religious […]

trump epa

Michael Bastasch on December 7, 2018 The Trump administration will roll back an Obama-era regulation that extended federal control over U.S. waterways, including over “ephemeral streams” and “ditches.” “The previous administration’s […]