Thomas Sowell Explains Why Obama Was the Worst President Ever

June 30th marked Thomas Sowell’s 87th birthday, so I’ll take it that he’s speaking from experience when he declares Barack Obama the worst president ever (or, as some would joke, the best thing to ever happen to Jimmy Carter).

You probably have a number of reasons to dislike the Obama “legacy,” including but not limited to:

  • Increasing the national debt by nearly $10 trillion
  • Healthcare costs increasing by more than the amount Obama claimed that ObamaCare would lower them by
  • Being the first President since WWII to never see a year with <3% GDP growth
  • A record 95 million+ Americans not in the labor force (granted, many of these are children and the retired, but even with them factored out the labor force participation rate is at historic lows)
  • Median household income (inflation adjusted) falling under his eight years as president due to stagnating wages

But those are just a few! Hear Sowell’s brilliant explanation below:

And believe it or not, that clip is from Obama’s first term! There’s certainly a lot more to complain about now.

Here’s to hoping President Trump can reverse Obama’s disastrous legacy. I think we can all agree that doing so is quite the task!

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