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The War On Cops Continued Last Night!

Dallas Shooting

Since the vicious attack on our police in Dallas that left five police officers in dead ,there have been more instances of police officers being fired upon.

The shooting that took place in Valdosta, Georgia started as a routine response to a 911 call that turned into an ambush.

Via The Associated Press:

Friends and neighbors of a man accused by authorities of ambushing a south Georgia police officer say they’re stunned he would commit such violence.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation says Stephen Paul Beck of Valdosta called 911 Friday morning to report a car break-in, then shot the responding officer multiple times. Officer Randall Hancock also shot Beck. Both men were hospitalized in stable condition.

Darius Sheffield is a neighbor of Beck’s who says they would talk about sports and movies. He says “it’s shocking to everyone” that Beck has been accused in the shooting.

Vile. We are reaching a tipping point in this country. Violence is only going to get worse as tensions continue to rise. Please pray for our country as we try to navigate and heal.

Is it going to get worse before it gets better? Share your thoughts.