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Elderly Couple Boards A Flight. Then They Receive A Terrible Text Message…

Etihad Airways plane

An elderly couple was heading home on an international flight bound for the Middle East. The plane was on the runway and about to take-off.

But then they received a terrible text message, and what happened next will bring a smile to your face and a tear to your eye.

Via BBC.

A pilot allowed an elderly couple to get off a plane moments before take-off so they could visit their dying grandson in hospital.
They had boarded the Abu Dhabi-bound aircraft at Manchester Airport when they received a text message about their relative’s condition.

The flight, which had been taxiing towards the runway, returned to the gate so the couple could rush to their grandson’s bedside.

He died later on the same night.

The couple’s travel agent Becky Stephenson told the BBC the 30 March incident was “very unusual”.

“I’ve been in the travel business for 25 years and never heard of this happening,” she said.

Wow. What an up-lifting story. Rarely are airlines the good guys in this day. It is nice that there are still good and decent people out there helping out their fellow man in times of need!

But not all airlines are looking out for their customers:

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