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CNN Visits Most “Liberal” County In WV And What They Find Has Trump Smiling!

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Hillary has turned her back on the American worker, specifically coal miners.

She’s flipped-flopped on coal several times, all in a cynical ploy for votes.

And it might cost her the traditional “Blue Dawg” Democrat state of West Virginia.

CNN went to West Virginia to ask the state’s traditional democrats what they think of Hillary and her coal comments.

What they found was shocking!

via Gateway Pundit:

Democrats outnumber Republicans in Logan County, West Virginia, 6-to-1, but that doesn’t mean it’s Clinton Country.

CNN went to Logan County last week and only found one Democrat who will vote for Hillary Clinton.
They’re all voting Trump.

Watch the story below:

Republicans and Trump have been standing with coal and the American worker while the Democrats have succumbed to radical environmentalists.

Because of this, formerly deep-blue West Virginia is now turning a bright red!

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