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student walkout thank you notes

While thousands of students across the country were taking advantage of a Democrat-organized opportunity to ditch class on Wednesday, one Utah student decided to stay in class and do something […]

student walkout

Today, millions of students across America demonstrated their frustration with Washington gridlock and efforts to bolster national gun-control laws by marching out of class in an inspiring display of conviction […]

hillary clinton trump india

It’s been well over a year since Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump, and still she continues to disparage American voters – both at home and abroad. Clinton attended the […]

andrew cuomo

There’s an idiom that cleanliness is next to godliness. But according to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, it’s actually progressive politics that’s next to godliness. Cuomo is up for re-election […]

chelsea clinton ivanka trump

My, my, my how the tables have turned. Back when Hillary Clinton ran for president in 2008, Chelsea Clinton absolutely refused to entertain any questions about her father’s sexual dalliances. […]

dolly parton donald trump

Reporters love bashing President Donald Trump, and they absolutely love getting celebrities to join in on the Trump-bashing party. However, ABC’s David Wright learned the hard way that country music […]

russia nukes

Is a second Cold War coming? According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, it could be. During his annual state of the union address in Moscow, Putin claimed that Russia has […]

michael hancock texts

Democrats are apparently the ones leading the charge in the #MeToo movement, so they’ll be saddened to learn that Democratic Denver Mayor Michael Hancock has issued a public apology after […]

ivanka trump chelsea clinton

Rumors and reports of sexual misconduct have dogged President Donald Trump from the early days of his campaign, and on NBC’s Today Show, reporter Pete Alexander thought it would be […]

Dana Loesch threatened

During her speech at CPAC Thursday morning, NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch revealed that she wouldn’t have been able to exit the anti-gun town hall hosted by CNN in Florida Wednesday […]

joy behar meghan mccain

Joy Behar is without a doubt one of the most intolerant figures on cable television, a fact she proved outright when she recently erupted and proclaimed, “As a Democrat, I […]

florida school shooting survivor argues against gun control

As expected, liberal lawmakers and the mainstream media didn’t wait long after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, to start pushing gun control. But, unfortunately for MSNBC anchor Brian Williams, a […]