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hillary clinton daily show song women

If you ask any so-called feminist out there, they’ll tell you that 2017 was a terrible year for women, mostly due to the fact that Donald Trump was inaugurated as […]

trump fbi virginia

Unlike our previous president, President Donald Trump is a vocal supporter of our nation’s law enforcement officers. Trump showed his love and commitment to police in a big way when […]

sean hannity james comey jail

Last month, a bombshell report revealed that an early draft of former FBI Director James Comey’s final statement on the Hillary Clinton email case accused Clinton of being “grossly negligent” in […]

obama fox news

President Obama continues to blame everybody but himself in explaining the Democrats’ spectacular failures at the ballot box this year. He has even jumped on the “blame fake news” bandwagon […]

baby spill glass

I’ve been in this situation before, since I have twin daughters. When they were the age of this little baby in the video below, I know exactly how this mom […]

WW2 Veteran

The man pictured above is Major Richard “Dick” Winters and he is the inspiration for the main character of the Band of Brothers miniseries. Winters has seen his share of fighting […]

melania trump prayer

Every four years, one of the traditions the incoming president participates in is attending the Inaugural Prayer Service at the Washington National Cathedral. During this year’s Inaugural Prayer Service on […]

husband asthma

Peter DeMarco, a Boston writer, lost his wife to an asthma attack but even through that tragedy, he found a silver lining that should be an inspiring message to those […]

trump global warming tweet

Two courts have now told a Republican political strategist that she can’t sue President Donald Trump just because he said something that hurt her feelings. Public relations specialist Cheri Jacobus […]

Middle Eastern Christians

We already know that liberals believe that American Christians are “just as dangerous” as radical Islamists, but this latest poll goes beyond simple hate and into blind willful ignorance. America […]

lost dog found

This one is going to cause you to tear up, I promise. Imagine losing your dog by accident when your child leaves the gate open. You search and search for […]

jesse watters greg gutfeld roy moore

Alabama’s special election for Senate is today, and Fox News hosts Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld stated point blank on Monday’s episode of “The Five” that they want embattled Republican […]