Robert Mueller’s special investigation has officially passed the one-year mark, and he has yet to turn up any proof of Russian collusion. If you’re wondering why that is, you’re not alone. (RELATED: Robert Mueller Subpoenas Trump Organization Documents, Possibly Crosses Red Line).

At a CNN town hall with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi Wednesday night, a Georgetown law student named Joshua Gonzalez asked Pelosi point blank: “If Trump actually colluded with the Russians, why isn’t he found guilty of it after a year of investigation? “Wouldn’t there be some kind of concrete proof by now?”

Gonzalez’s question was also the first of the night.

Of course, Pelosi didn’t have a good answer. “Well you know there is an investigation going on under counsel Mueller,” she said. “And that is where — we wouldn’t have any idea what is going on in that, and nor should we know what’s going on in that investigation. But it takes time, and I trust counsel Mueller and his work.”

Apparently, it just “takes time” to completely undermine Donald Trump’s presidency.

Source: CNN Town Hall Questioner Asks Nancy Pelosi: Shouldn’t There Be Proof of Russia Collusion by Now by BPR

However, after Gonzalez asked his very good question, host Chris Cuomo inadvertently exposed the Democratic agenda. That is, they want Mueller to release his findings as late as possible in order to influence the November primaries. Here’s what Cuomo asked Pelosi:

“To Joshua’s question, when we get closer to the election, you wind up having a new problem with the probe, which is, what does Mueller do? If he gets too close, there are DOJ guidelines that says he has to wait until after the elections before anything comes out. Do you believe that Mueller should put out whatever he has before the election to give voters some sense of where he is?”

Pelosi’s answer? “Well, I think that Mueller should do what he thinks is right.”

Never mind that, as Cuomo said, Mueller is required by law to “provide the Attorney General with a confidential report explaining the prosecution or declination decisions reached by the Special Counsel.” But illegality has never really been a problem in the Democratic playbook, has it?

Mueller is grasping at straws and chasing white rabbits – that’s why he hasn’t found any proof of collusion yet. But Democrats still aren’t over the 2016 election, and they’ll do whatever it takes to make it “right,” even if that means illegally making up nonsense.

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