Liberals think President Donald Trump couldn’t care less about the needs of the American people. But Trump’s words to a group of handicapped people who recently visited the White House prove otherwise.

On Wednesday, Trump signed the “Right to Try” bill, which loosens regulations on experimental drugs and treatments for individuals suffering from terminal illnesses. For many Americans, the bill will make it easier to potentially find treatment to ease or even cure their suffering.

Trump invited a group of people with debilitating conditions to the signing. Upon entering the room, he spoke with each person individually before taking the podium – and the hot mic he wore caught some powerful words as he leaned in to shake the hand of a man in a wheelchair.

“We’re going to do this first. This is more important. A speech is just words. This is more important,” Trump said. Listen below (remarks begin around the 6:00 mark).

If that doesn’t give you chills, I don’t know what will.

Among the people gathered at the signing was eight-year-old Jordan McLinn. McLinn suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy and has become the nationwide face of the “right to try” campaign. McLinn and his mother, Laura, are hopeful that the new bill will save lives. “To see it just finally come to the finish line was just this huge accomplishment,” Laura told CBS. “We’ve met so many people from different disease groups that can benefit from this law.”

As for Jordan, he charmed the crowd when he leaned in to give Trump a hug as he signed the bill into law. Later, he said that Trump told him that his “hair is very nice.” (RELATED: Little Boy Repeatedly Tries Getting a Hug From President Trump, Then THIS Happened).

Trump obviously cares about the people, and his supporters know it – he wouldn’t have been voted into office otherwise. What a beautiful thing he’s done for these people, and he’ll undoubtedly continue to enact more positive and hopeful change during his presidency.

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