With the midterm elections just over five months away, Rudy Giuliani has issued a challenge to top Democrats to show their true colors to the American people.

In an appearance on Sean Hannity’s program, Wednesday, the former New York City mayor and President Trump’s current lead attorney threw down the gauntlet in a way that only he could. If Democrats want to take back control of Congress, he said, then they better have the guts to be honest about what they have in mind for the country.

“You know, some people have criticized my strategy, which is the president’s, of to some extent playing to the American people,” Giuliani said. “If this were a regular case, I wouldn’t be doing it. But the people who will decide this are the people of the United States in the 2018 election.”

But while all Democrats seem to suffer from a superiority complex, Giuliani specifically called out Rep. Maxine Waters. “And they — boy, [the people] are switching fast and the Democrats are running for cover. You don’t hear them say the word ‘impeachment’ anymore. I challenge Maxine Waters to say ‘impeachment’ … Say it. Say ‘impeachment,’ sweetheart. Just say it!”

In case you’ve forgotten, Waters spent a better part of the first portion of Donald Trump’s presidency calling for his impeachment – but she shut up after polls showed it was an unpopular idea outside of the liberal base. (RELATED: Maxine Waters Has Democrats Cheering Over Impeaching Trump).

Watch Giuliani’s challenge below.

Unsurprisingly, liberals have called Giuliani’s challenge to Waters condescending and sexist, but that’s only because they know he speaks the truth.

The American people voted in Donald Trump, and they’re sick and tired of liberals disregarding his presidency and chalking it up to a mistake. If they truly want to win come November, they better check their condescending attitudes at the door – but it’ll be a cold day in hell when that happens.

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