Captured Veteran Claims His Orders To Stage Venezuela Coup Came From Trump – I Don’t Think So

An alleged U.S. mercenary, Luke Denman, was captured in Venezuela a few days ago, and he’s confessed that he and his team were part of a plan ordered by President Donald Trump to kidnap President Maduro.

During a televised confessional TV, Denman, who was arrested alongside other alleged mercenaries, said the U.S. government sent to collect Maduro and fly him to America.


Come on, not even Rambo could pull that off, and nobody believes that was an actual operation. I don’t think Trump ordered it, but I do think it was a forced confession.

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His statements were not made under duress and are true, say the Russians, during Trump’s statement was “unconvincing,” said Russians… Hmm… same Russians who denied their involvement in the downing of Malaysian Air flight in Ukraine and poisoning of Russian ex-KGB Colonel and his daughter in the U.K.?

Not a surprise with Russia’s quick response to unconvincing. Funny Russia also denied interfering with the 2016 Presidential election. Russia also denied providing a surface to air missiles to the Ukrainian separatists. Russia also rejected annexing Crimea, a territory of Ukraine. Obviously, the captured American mercenary spoke under duress by the Venezuelan military.


There are only a few possibilities: (1) The guy is part of Maduro’s plan to frame and blame the U.S. for this. Remember, Maduro staged his assassination before? (2) The guy did this on his own to profit on something and now blame Trump after being forced by the Maduro regime. (3) The guy blames Trump for political reasons. After all, it doesn’t make sense that Trump or the U.S. would do this.

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If Trump ever ordered such a thing, this person wouldn’t have the slightest idea who ordered it. There would be 100 patsies in place just in case it didn’t work so that it could never be traced back to anywhere.

I’m not about to believe anyone who is threatened with a beating or worse if they don’t make a statement—saying that the United States has a lurid history of interfering in other countries business when not invited. If Trump is involved, it certainly wasn’t his idea unless Maduro insulted or just disagreed with Trump about something even trivial. Sounds more like a plan from Republican hawks like John Bolton.


We could get to him any time we like. The coup was amateurish and likely funded by Maduro himself.

It’s another plot by the DNC bosses to discredit Trump, in conjunction with Maduro himself. No doubt about it. If I were Trump, I would give an olive branch to Maduro and get him to tell the real truth that the democrats orchestrated this.



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