Rand Paul Says Obama Might Have Known About Biden, Ukraine Issues: ‘There Could Be A Smoking Gun’ 

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On Wednesday, Republican Senator Rand Paul said that he believes that former President Barack Obama may be trying to hide a possible “smoking gun” on Hunter Biden’s business overseas.

“Why do you think Barack Obama is weighing in, do you fear there’s something they’re trying to hide here?” Fox News’ Ed Henry asked Sen. Paul.

Rand Paul: ‘I think that there could be a smoking gun’

Paul relied, “Yeah, there’s been rumors for quite a while that people within the Obama Administration knew about the corruption problems with Hunter Biden, that they warned the vice president and maybe even the president about it.”


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“I think that there could be a smoking gun, that there’s actually a record of some of these complaints that were going on at the time,” Paul continued.

“There have been some articles written, quoting unnamed sources saying that there were some assistants and people around Joe Biden at the time, saying this Hunter Biden thing looks bad and you should put a stop to it,” the senator said. “And they never did.”

‘I think President Obama knew about this’

Paul added, “But I think President Obama knew about this, so it’s not surprising to me that he would try to keep a lid on it and not let any records come to the public.”

Obama said Republicans were spreading ‘Russian disinformation’

In March, Buzzfeed News obtained a letter written by Obama instructing the National Archives and Records Administration to block Republican efforts to access records about the connections between Biden, Ukraine and alleged Ukrainian election interference.

Obama said that the investigation promoted “Russian disinformation.”

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Buzzfeed News reported Monday that, “The office of former president Barack Obama privately blasted a congressional investigation into former vice president Joe Biden and his son, as well as alleged Ukrainian election interference, calling it an effort ‘to give credence to a Russian disinformation campaign.”

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