Father And Son Duo Arrested Over Death Of Young Georgia Man – I Feel So Much Better

father and son arrested

On Tuesday, a video was released showing the graphic shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery at the hands of two men, a father and son, Gregory McMichael, and his son Travis McMichael.

As the video went viral, public outcry intensified with many angry that Gregory and Travis hadn’t been arrested since the shooting happened in February.  On Thursday night, they were arrested and charged.

This Was No Citizen’s Arrest

CNN reports that both McMichaels were arrested and placed in Glynn County Jail. According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the men are facing murder and aggravated assault charges. Reports are showing that the men were trying to make a citizen’s arrest because Arbery resembled someone that local officials were looking for.

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The citizen’s arrest excuse can only be applied during the application of the crime. The two armed men had zero authority to detain this young man under threat of harm, and the local sheriff and District Attorney recognized the older man as ex-police and the DA’s investigator and took their word at face value with no investigation.

They are on their third DA now, because of the conflict of interest the other two had. What we all saw was murder.

It has been many years since I took the class for my Concealed Weapons License, but from everything I have learned, and common sense, the gun owners appear to have used very poor judgment from the start.

This could have been avoided. With great rights come great responsibilities.

The jogger was running down a public road minding his own business. He was NOT “up to no good” according to the statements of the shooters. Vigilantes trying to detain him was an attempt at the crime of false imprisonment. The jogger attempted to run to the other side of the vehicle to avoid the gunmen.

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The man with the shotgun crossed to the other side of the vehicle to cut off the jogger. As far as the jogger knew, he was being attacked by robbers.

He had every right to protect himself. Neither stand your ground laws nor citizen’s arrest laws apply here.

Again, this was murder caught on camera.

If you haven’t watched the graphic video, it was taken with a cell phone (rather than one of those vehicle video cameras that are always running and pointing in the same direction) by someone who was following.

Who Was The Video Recorder?

So, whoever that person is, he or she knew something was about to go down even though no one was on camera when it started. So that means they were doing something beforehand that showed something was about to go down – probably chasing him and screaming at him from the truck before pulling off in front of him to block the street.

My first reaction was to think the person behind the camera was in on it with the father and son. But that doesn’t explain how the radio station got the video (unless they mistakenly thought it made the father and son look innocent). So I bet the person following was in on it with them or at least supportive of them.

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There Two Were Not Police Officers

These two decided they had identified a suspect from other burglaries. So it is looking less and less likely that they were eyewitnesses to any crime at all but rather were exercising their ability to identify someone of another race based on security camera footage or something.

So it would have never been grounds for a legal arrest if a cop came up and said, “Oh, he looks like what you saw on a security camera?”

Moreover, “[t]he reports suggests a third person may also have been involved in the pursuit.” -Washington Post. That would be in keeping with my impression of the apparent cell phone video that starts with no one on-screen at all until the cell phone wielder again catches up with the victim in his or her car.

These are not police officers. Their guns don’t make them police officers. They were not in hot pursuit of a crime they witnessed. The only “crime” they witnessed was a black man running.


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