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Wikileaks Email Proves New York Times Helping Hillary Camp!!

wikileaks new york times

More and more revelations from the WikiLeaks document dump show how the media helps out the left and leaves the right in the cold. The hackers got a hold of Hillary campaign manager John Podesta’s Gmail account, and they’re spilling the beans on the collusion they find!!

In this latest discovery, reporters from the respected New York Times actually run to a Hillary campaign official to WARN them about a Hillary story they’re about to drop!!

Here’s the email:

wikileaks new york times

Now look, there are plenty of good reasons why an objective reporter would seek out the campaign before posting a story – often they need to get comments or a response, or an explanation. But that’s NOT what it says here – it says they “wanted everyone to be aware that this could pop soon.”

Do you think that they give the same kind of warning to the Trump campaign or other Republicans? Not bloody likely.

Here’s more on the damaging revelations from WikiLeaks:

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